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Crucial Blast Releases

YEAR OF NO LIGHT / KARYSUN Adoration / Salvation 7" EP

A SIDE: Year Of No Light "Adoration"
B SIDE: Karysun "Salvation"

Crucial Blast teamed up with a bunch of European labels to release this limited-edition 7" featuring two amazing bands from the French metal underground, with one new song from both Year Of No Light and Karysun. Many of you have probably heard Year Of No LIght via their stunning debut album Nord that was reissued by Crucial Blast a few years ago, and which is also one of our most popular titles on the label. We've been waiting ever since to hear new music from Year Of No Light, and they bring us a crushing new jam called "Adoration" for this 7" that'll surely please anyone who loved the metallic shoegazer heaviness of their album. The song is darker and slower than much of their other stuff, though, with a monstrous central doom riff and scathing snarling vocals throughout, but almost as soon as the song kicks in, the band unleashes one of their amazing guitar melodies that winds it's way through the entire song. Like I've said before, Year Of No Light channel the gorgeously gloomy feel of The Cure's classic Disintegration through punishing crusty metallic sludge, and this track continues in that vein.
On the other side, we get "Salvation" from Karysun, who aren't quite as well known as Year Of No Light over here in the States, but who are pretty damn killer themselves; their Interceptor album was a crushing slab of ultra-heavy bottom end sludge, propulsive power and trance-inducing grooves, and the French guitar/drum duo follows that disc up with another blast of subsonic heaviness. A massive grooving riff plows through waves of atmospheric feedback and trippy effects, sounding a bit like a more industrial Neurosis riff for a moment before slipping into one of their deceptively simple skullcrushing riff-loops. Yikes! This kinda moves into Neurosis/A Storm Of Light territory, but raw and noisy, with more of burly noise rock edge in the feedback-drenched riffage and the howling vocals. Great stuff!
The 7" jacket features artwork from Ryan Patterson (Young Widows/Coliseum) and comes on clear vinyl, limited to 1000 copies.