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While renowned for his work as bassist for Agalloch and Sculptured, Jason Walton has also frequently ventured into other, stranger and more experimental regions over the past two decades, offering a range of baffling and captivatingly weird sounds with bands like Self Spiller, Especially Likely Sloth, and Nothing. And it's in that latter territory that we find the debut EP from Snares Of Sixes, his latest creation. On the band's debut EP Yeast Mother: An Electroacoustic Mass, Snares Of Sixes makes a bold and confounding introduction, tangling the listener in confusional, highly aggressive avant-prog. The genre-shredding sound taps into a warped confluence of frenzied King Crimson-esque progressive rock, faint traces of frayed, heavily mutated black metal, haunting atmospheric touches, and abrasive electronics, and the result leaves us deliriously disoriented.
With tracks like "Urine Hive", "Lions To Leeches", "The Mother's Throat", Walton and company lurch through an escalating, ever-shifting frenzy of creepy, labyrinthine melody and pummeling percussive chaos, over-modulated riffage and schizophrenic time signatures, where android mutterings give way to hideous blackened shrieks and bouts of bizarre crooning, the sound stitched with veins of crushing metallic heaviosity, fractured electronica, and surreal atmopsherics as it reaches towards the menacing glitched-out tech-metal hallucination of "Retroperistalsis" that closes the EP.
Often difficult, frequently nightmarish, this stuff easily ranks as one of Walton's more challenging and oblique offerings. And for us, one of his most fascinating. Features Marius Sjøli and Robert Hunter (Hollow Branches), Andy Winter (Winds), Pete Lee (Lawnmower Deth), Nathanaël Larochette (Musk Ox), and Don Anderson (Agalloch, Sculptured), among others.
The EP will be released on digital and CD in a six-panel digipak.

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A shambling monstrosity Woven from charred bones and infernal technology, stitched with gristle and exposed wiring. Hymns For The Broken, Swollen And Silent lurches like a grotesque assemblage of tortured flesh and mangled machinery, revealing the latest nightmare from Dutch fiend Gnaw Their Tongues. After more than a decade, the band continues to disturb with its uniquely dark and depraved blend of black metal, industrial and noise, and the eight-song Hymns shows Gnaw Their Tongues to be in prime killing mode.
Coming in the wake of a series of live performances starting in 2015, this new material from GTT mastermind Mories (Seirom, Cloak Of Altering, Mors Sonat) seems to find him tapping into a heavier, more violent rhythmic element as well as a more pronounced use of synthesizers, producing yet another step in the evolution of GTT's sound. Throughout the album, the harsh drum programming offers a mixture of cacophonous blast beats and grueling, glacial detonations; the sickening, tumescent groove that surges through "Hold High The Banners Of Truth Among The Swollen Dead" resembles something approximating a vile chopped n' screwed dubstep / blackened doom abomination, while on tracks like "Speared Promises", it slips into a hideously dissonant deathcrawl where those drums almost seem to be shorting out. Elsewhere, "Frail As The Stalking Lions" contorts into hellishly warped synth-sludge, and the hallucinatory weirdness of the title track delves into a black pit of ghastly ambience, gleaming synth and malfunctioning, off-time drum programming, which becomes possessed by bizarre operatic vocals that drift amid the anguished shrieking.
Through all of this, the band's signature use of unsettling samples and blasts of orchestral power is woven through the mix, turning each track into a seething mass of claustrophobic horror. Eruptions of ultra-frenzied blackened blast and floor-shaking depth-charge reverberations, ravenous, psychotic vocals and swells of choral despair, distorted electronics and gut-churning bass riffs, mournful horns and weirdly layered female operatic singing - yeah, Hymns delivers on the promise of chaotic horror that one expects from Gnaw Their Tongues, evoking foul, corrupted imagery while also (as usual) streaked with striking moments of warped, morbid beauty.
CD edition comes in a gatefold digisleeve.

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"As much as we raved about Troller's eponymous debut five years ago, this one is even better. The band posted a video for the albums' "Storm Maker" which is a beautiful swoon of an synth ballad harking to those emotive tracks that OMD sculpted early in their career. A lovely track to say the least, but the Siouxsie / Kate Bush allusions may be the siren call to draw unwitting listeners into the dark pit at the soul of this album. Snarled electronic death rock and synthetic industrial catharsis is found throughout the rest of Graphic, highlighted by the title track's Cranes-ish pummel of heaven and hell, "Sundowner" (a track of a Diamanda Galas theatricality affixed to what the whole witch house scene aspired to but failed in delivering while busy coming up with ascii symbol nomenclature), and the diabolically death-disco anthem "Torch" with its ice queen vocal crescendos and tense drum-machined inventions for the dungeon. Luridly alluring indeed, and recommended." -

After a nearly four year wait, this doom-laden darkwave outfit from Austin, TX has finally returned with the follow-up to their acclaimed eponymous debut. It was there that the band introduced their lush, lugubrious sound combining heavy synths, slow-motion rhythms and haunting vocal melodies, woven into infectious, brooding blasts of darkpop perfection; the songs seemed to emanate from some cavernous subterranean chamber, drenched in reverb and surrounded by shorter pieces of bleak ambience and grinding noise. A sinister, often abrasive edge gleamed from that early material, but it also featured some of the most stunning darkwave anthems we'd heard in ages. And with their first proper full-length album, Troller have expanded on that sound even further, their sensuous, dread-filled pop encrusted with those huge, otherworldly synths and distorted, grinding bass roar, rumbling across crawling drum machines and washes of glacial Carpenterian electronics, gorgeously gloomy synthpop hooks gleaming in the dimly lit corners of Graphic, as Amber Goers' soulful, utterly bewitching vocals once again haunt Troller's tenebrous depths. Songs like "Not Here", "Torch" and "Storm Maker" shimmer with a malevolent majesty, while elsewhere the album slips into nightmarish electronic ambience and stunning expanses of black kosmische bliss. And while the band's noisier tendencies are more subdued this time around, there are still surges of corrosive sound throughout Graphic that materialize in dense feedback and jagged chords that are juxtaposed with the album's more beautiful passages. Combined with their penchant for provocative imagery and apocalyptic undercurrents, this produces something far bleaker and more unsettling than anything else we're hearing in the realm of darkwave right now.
Crucial Blast is proud to present a CD and digital release of this striking new album from Troller, available as a digipak CD with different art than the vinyl, and digital download via our website. The LP/cassette versions on Holodeck can be found in our webstore: Crucial Blast Webstore


    We're slowly crawling forward after that long lag from the past few months here at C-Blast, but things are starting to come together for what looks to be quite the busy year over here. And we're back this week with the latest huge batch of new titles, represses and restocks in our store, gathered from across the spectrum of extreme adventurous music, literature, cinema and art, with lots of amazing and bizarre stuff for you guys to sink you're teeth into. We hope you'll dig in and check all of this great stuff out. And fingers crossed, this should be the beginning of more frequent updates from us over here, so keep an eye out for another missive heading your way from Crucial Blast later in the month.

    The spotlight this week is on the brand new album from Ivar Bjørnson & Einar Selvik's Skuggsjá, A Piece For Mind & Mirror, the long-awaited studio album featuring the music that these Enslaved and Wardruna members composed for a festival several years ago, a celebration of Norwegian history and culture set to a majestic mixture of ancient Scandinavian folk music and modern avant-metal that unfolds like a rock opera. Originally something you'd only be able to witness live, this fantastic project has finally made its music available as a full album, which just came out via Season Of Mist. In my review of the album that you will find below, I loosely compared Skuggsjá's sprawling, sonorous saga to a viking version of Neurosis, and while I'm still hearing that in parts of Mirror each time I listen to it again, it's actually much more unique than that comparison suggests. Captivating stuff.

    Some of the other new, recently released and newly added titles that are featured on this list include:

     ... loads of skull-shredding noise punk from bands like Aborticidio, Allergy, No Power, Disclose,
     ... everything from the terrific dark-dub/post-industrial/dark ambient outfit Akatombo, which Scorn fans will love essential new LP reissue of the studio recordings of legendary Texan weirdo sludgepunk band Stick Men With Ray Guns, titled Grave City
     ...the new CD reissue of Reencarnacion's 888 Metal / Acompañame A La Tumba, brain-scrambling black thrash primitivism from the 80s with flashes of bizarre, almost RIO-esque progginess
     ...the latest album from Italian prog-death masters Sadist, Hyaena, a ferocious jazz-tinged concept album involving Hyena cults in Africa!
     ...the new vinyl edition of Suicide Euphoria, the awesome bestial deathnoise assault from Philly death metallers Pissgrave
     ...a bunch of sinister-sounding, heavy releases from oddball Midwestern prog rockers Infero
     ...the hard-to-find CDR Herald Of Confusion from folky avant-garde French black metal outfit Sadastor, extremely limited!
     ...a new Macedonian import of early Grief titles on CD and LP, featuring the first throes of these masters of misanthropic, nihilistic sludge metal
     ...a massive double LP boxset featuring the reissue of Giles Corey's self-titled debut, spritualist goth-folk and noisy post-punk that comes with a thick perfect bound book of fiction
     ...another great early death rock reissue from Sacred Bones, Part 1's Funeral Parade, a killer early 80s blast of anarcho gloom in the vein of Rudimentary Peni
     ...lots of killer Amphetamine Reptile reissues from Cows, Halo Of Flies and more, and the new release of the terrific Am Rep documentray The Color Of Noise
     ...the latest from blistering, noisy French Canadian raw black metal outfit Akitsa, Grand Tyrans, in stock on all formats
     ...a brand-new vinyl reissue of the classic rasta-thrash album Rock For Light from legendary Bad Brains
     ...the twisted, nerve-wracked blackened noise rock/art metal of Genevieve's Escapism
     ...the new CD reissue of the Carmilla / Marcilla EP from British horror doom masters Moss
     ...a bunch of releases, some out of print, from cult Japanese harsh noise artist K2
     ...the experimental wall-of-sound of Hanormale's ?????, a blackened orchestral chaos metal that's one of the most unusual and challenging albums on this week's list
     ...Amber Asylum's gorgeous new album of doom-laden chamber music and gloomy cello-heavy ambience, Sin Eater
     ...multiple vinyl editions from the punishing US black metal outfit The Howling Wind
     ...a bunch of 7" EPs from my new favorite crust/punk outfit Thisclose, who sound amazingly like the classic brutal hardcore of Discharge fronted by King Diamond (!!!)
     ...No Negative's acid-gobbling psych-punk meltdown The Good Never Comes that sounds like some weird fusion of Brainbombs and Hawkwind
     ...the putrid death industrial of Nekrofellatio's ?Pesadilla En Una Noche Sin Estrellas, recommended listening for fans of Atrax Morgue and Mauthausen Orchestra
     ...a HUGE stack of older, long out of print vinyl releases from Bastard Noise that we recently stumbled across
     ...a vinyl reissue of the self-titled debut from Harry Pussy, a classic slab of atonal noise rock destruction
     ...lots of new and reissued stuff from extremist noisecore outfit Sissy Spacek
     ...a bunch of reissues from iconic metallic hardcore outfit Integrity, including the band's utterly vicious Humanity Is The Devil vinyl and CD releases from ferocious blackened hardcore/thrash maniacs Gehenna
     ...the crushing evil synthwave mastery of Gost's Behemoth, essential driving music for a jet-black DeLorean
     ...a killer double album of pitch-black ambient death-jazz from Dead Neanderthals
     ...the new vinyl reissue of Aquilus's amazing Griseus, a stunning combination of cinematic symphonic music and epic black metal
     ...the recent CD reissue of cult early 90s album Hope Finally Died from prog-tinged doom metallers Decomposed
     ...the latest album Axis from Spanish avant-jazz-doom-metal duo Orthodox
     ...the supremely sinister blackened prog metal of Black Crucifixion's ?Coronation Of King Darkness, finally reissued on CD
     ...multiple variants of the new vinyl reissue of Blasphemy's insanely violent war/noise black metal classic Fallen Angel Of Doom
     ...the wonderfully warped basement occult metal of Necromantic Worship's Spirit Of The Entrance Unto Death tape
     ...a new CD reissue of Tearing Up Your Plans from fearsome NY power electronics fiend Slogun
     ...awesome new vinyl reissues of cult horror soundtracks for Cannibal Apocalypse, The Fog, Absurd, Tourist Trap, Phantasm, The Beyond and lots more
     ...restocks of the complete early Burzum discography, constituting some of the best black metal ever
     ...a heap of new Christian Death reissues on vinyl, some of the best death rock to ever come out of the 1980s
     ...a stack of new 7"s from hillbilly noisecore outfit Erectile Dysfunction

As always, that's just the beginning. There's much more mutant heavy music and misanthropic art to be found on our shelves and in our bins...keep reading below to check out all of the strange and extreme new music, film, and art that's included in this week's new arrivals list.

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