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Here's something for you gorenoise/blackdoom fanatics - the latest full lengther from our favorite ambient sewer-doom outfit, Reclusa. You may know them from the Anticonscience album that came out on the Crucial Blaze series in '10, or from any of the uber-limited cassettes that have slithered out of the filthier corners of the gorenoise scene, and if you do, then you know that this is one of the heaviest and most grotesque bands that Crucial Blast has ever sullied its hands with. On previous releases, this Midwestern one-man band delivered a mixture of putrid low-fi industrial death metal crush, distorted and warped death industrial, and pitch-black hallucinatory ambience that was totally unique, leading me to describe the Anticonscience disc to "...a doomdeath album being played at half speed while someone splices in Throbbing Gristle and Wolf Eyes. Or what Dead World or early Pitchshifter might have sounded like if they had collaborated with one of the uglier denizens of the Cold Meat label". Can't really think of a higher recommendation than that.
Vacancy is the latest sonic abomination from this Midwestern skum-machine, a cassette-only release festering with eight tracks of ultra-heavy industrialized necro-doom, plumes of vomitous black noise, putrescent death industrial, and loads of hallucinatory graveyard ambience. The emphasis is more on the latter, with lots of long, droning sections of septic muck floating around the heavier grinding rhythms and absurdly guttural roars, with "Hallucinations In Pitch Black" burying a monstrous deathdoom riff beneath a mile of factory noise, morbid drones and vile toad like vocals, and some pulsating synth-horror appearing on "Dead In The Eyes" that suggests a meeting between the classic Italian death industrial sound of the 80s fused to a low-fi industrial metal mantra. Later in the album, the listener stumbles across strains of washed-out haunted house organ drifting through clanking death-factory sounds, and choirs sing miserable hymns through the bestial dubbed-out doom of "The Realm Beyond Suicide". There's some real punishers on here though, like the fucked industro-rock filth of "Seeds Of Psychosis", and the warped rotting sludge and backwards-masked bloodlust spew of closer "Ultimatum".
In short, this is like a putrid fusion of Godflesh, Abruptum, the morbid Italian industrial music of Maurizio Bianchi, and the Swedish death industrial of Megaptera and Brighter Death Now, woven together into a foul, grinding doom-machine. Released in a limited edition of one hundred copies via the Infernal Machines series.