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  I've had a growing obsession with Ray Rivera and his many solo projects, which include such proponents of sonic scum as the blackened grind of Nazarene Whore, the bizarre gore-splattered techno of Purulent Wormjizz, and the psychedelic gorenoise of Black Putrefaction. This guy is some kind of troglodyte-genius, constantly coughing up these wildly creative, fully realized blasts of bizarre grind/noise/slime that, admittedly, do cater to a very small audience of pervos like myself. But man, if you worship at the altar of Ax/ction and weird hybrids of experimental black metal and electronic music and noise, this guy's stuff is a riot.
  Around a year ago, Ray sent me a CDr from yet another new project of his called Lucifer's Foreskin, and I instantly fell in love with the weirdly monstrous electro experiments, blasts of black noise and slime-encrusted industrial black metal primitivism spewed forth from the aperture of the Beast on that disc. Real filthy stuff, somewhere in between his gorenoise-style projects and some severely deformed industrial black metal, and I needed more Foreskin badly, leading us to the release of this killer ten-song cassette EP that I just put out on the Infernal Machines imprint. This twenty minute spasm shifts wildly between bursts of guttural beast-roar drifting through thick fogbanks of reverb, electronic effects and distant subterranean field recordings, evil synthesizer music, bizarre (and ridiculously catchy) Satanic techno rituals fronted by gruesome demonic vocals and gross electronic noise ("Incest Of Wasp", "Satanic Evil"), eruptions of grueling blacknoise chaos that resemble some unholy collaboration between Beherit and Merzbow ("Priesteater"), short spurts of dank dungeon ambience and vast, putrescent kosmiche hallucinations ("Devilskin Rising"), and bits of killer electro-black metal laced with whacked-out raver synth sounds and ghastly, inhuman vocals.
   Like I said, this stuff is pretty nuts. Citing the likes of cult black metal/noise/grind/industrial weirdoes like Gonkulator, Havohej, Anal Birth, Stench Of Corpse and Beherit as influences in the thanks list printed on the inside of the cover to Vulvacrafts, Rivera has delivered his own perverted vision of blasphemous goat-tronics and shapeless basement blast that has turned into one of my favorite releases in the Machines series.