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Crucial Blast Releases


1. White Eyelids ::MP3 SAMPLE::
2. Violent ::MP3 SAMPLE::
3. Shining Son ::MP3 SAMPLE::
3. My Song ::MP3 SAMPLE::

The band released this EP as a handmade CD-R that has been sold at shows over the past year, but the songs on Peas Feast are so cool that we wanted to give this a proper vinyl documentation, and have been remastered for vinyl by Scott Hull at Visceral Sound. The record will be pressed on yellow wax with black splatter in an edition of 1,000 copies, and will also come with a digital dropcard that will allow you to download the tracks from the Peas Feast EP as well as a digital-only EP titled Drongolet Demos that has a bunch of unreleased tracks from Wildildlife.
The Peas Feast vinyl features four lengthy songs, starting with the zonked ultraheavy sludge and atonal, barbed wire guitar freakouts of "White Eyelidz" which goes from crushing glacial metal to drunken bassloaded punk rock in the bat of an eye, and then moves on to the pop genius of "Violent". "Violent" is the catchiest song these guys have, starting off slow with plaintive FX-soaked vocals swimming over pulverizing sludge metal riffage - think Harvey Milk but waaaaaay more freaked out and poppy and mutated by unnameable effects boxes....the hook here is so catchy it gives me a toothache, it's like hearing the saddest old alt rock song ever being played by Corrupted, complete with vocal harmonies. But then comes "Shining Son", another amazingly catchy pop song, still heavy but way more upbeat and driving, more noise rock than sludge, with a big burly bass riffs and ecstatic guitars that strafe the sky until the sludge rears it's head again, a massive swampy riff that rises up and flattens everything towards the end. MASSIVE. And then the final song, "My Song", formerly an acoustic song that appeared on Wildildlife's self titled debut 10", another amazing pop gem, but this time damaged and drunken sounding, the pop hook molten and oozing, the vocals a desperate howl, slow and sludgy and creeping but still unbelievably catchy and exuberant as it trails off into an almost Mammatus-like psych rock coda. Although this early material is more immediate and raw than the band's debut album Six, the music is crushing, catchy and totally spaced-out. On Yellow vinyl with black splatter in a run of 1,000 copies.